About Us

Executive Director:

Arthur Melnick

Board of Directors:

Marion Cleaver

Rob Friedman

Angie Herrera

Dr. Tim Law

Louis Liu

Marty Levine

Arthur Melnick

Pervez Siddiqui

Alec Teytel

Sheikh Ullah

Artists’ Advisory Committee:

Beryl Brenner

Herb Alwais

Diana Varano

Deborah Millan

Brooklyn Streetcar Artists’ Group (BSAG) is part of the 501 (c) (3) non-profit Brooklyn City Streetcar Company, Inc.

BSAG’s mission is to create opportunities for artists and art lovers of all ages.

BSAG was born from the efforts of parent company Brooklyn City Streetcar Company (BCSC) to promote its mission to return  electric trolleys (streetcars) to the streets of Brooklyn, New York by mounting exhibitions of fine art in the Coney Island area of the borough.

The first exhibition took place in front of Keyspan (now MCU) Park on October 21, 2007, attracting artists and performers from Brooklyn and beyond. Despite many problems securing the site and with a virtually nonexistent budget it was a success.

June 8, 2008 found BCSC inside the ballpark for a gala exhibition, including arts, crafts and performances, displaying much of the great talent throughout the metro area. Several worthy non-profit organizations were also provided the opportunity to promote their efforts.

The success of these exhibitions led to the formation of BSAG which has since become the premier artists’ group in the southern section of Brooklyn with a multicultural membership from throughout Brooklyn and beyond. BSAG maintains a gallery in Coney Island Hospital which has become the premier gallery in the area.

BSAG exhibits wherever appropriate space is available throughout the NYC Metro Area.

BSAG also presents events with entertainment provided by talented local performers.


BSAG’s member artists are of varying ages and experience; all with great talent. Members have exhibited worldwide, many with notable reputations throughout the art world.

BSAG displays and promotes members’ work with as little expense as possible to the artist. Modest annual dues entitle members to display at no cost where possible and minimal cost only when necessary.

Art Lovers

BSAG  attempts to provide cultural enrichment to all areas within reach at no cost to the public wherever possible.


BSAG works with performing artists and often features entertainment at events.

BSAG is working to develop an ongoing performing arts program.


BSAG continues to establish relationships with prominent community leaders, members and institutions, constantly seeking new partners and affiliations to promote the arts for members and for the public.

BSAG and Coney Island Hospital are often partners in cultural events. The staff is fully aware of the value of fine art in creating an uplifting environment for patients, visitors and staff.

BSAG works with local schools and other institutions to bring the work of budding artists to the attention of the public.

BSAG is one of, if not the most active artists’ groups in NYC.

Committee Information:

Arthur Melnick founded Brooklyn Streetcar Artists’ Group in 2008 as an offshoot of Brooklyn City Streetcar Company. Using visual and performance art with events in 2007 and 2008 as promotions, the arts became the primary mission of the corporation.

Involved in community affairs all his life, he has had extensive experience in planning and promoting events. As a lover of the arts, his skill set complements those of the artists he represents and his involvement with local communities brings the talent to the forefront.

Beryl Brenner has been a fixture on the Brooklyn art scene for a number of years. She obtained her BA in fine arts and her MA in Art Education from Brooklyn College and has worked in glass and mixed media since. She has completed the glasswork for Our Lady of Guadeloupe Church in Danbury and Beth Shalom Synagogue in Atlanta. In addition to being granted seven one woman shows her art has been shown in numerous American galleries and museums across the country including Ann Marie Gardens, a Smithsonian Affiliate, the National Park Service and Williamsburg Art and Historical Center. In 2013, Bok Tower Gardens, a National Monument hosted a one woman exhibition of her work in their gallery. Her work has explored a variety of different themes such as internal emotional inventories and external intuitive responses to natural surroundings amongst others.

Herb Alwais’ primary inspiration is scenes and settings viewed during travels in North America and Europe. His use of vividly colored acrylics make his impressionistic landscapes stand out in any exhibition. Always fascinated by the interplay of color and light, he is devoted to the challenge of trying to capture and bring forth the feeling of calm and serenity in nature and the great outdoors. “My paintings are not meant to provoke, but rather to soothe.”

Herb’s work has been shown at Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition, Clothesline East Hampton, Brooklyn Street Car Artist Group, Coney Island Hospital, Salt Marsh Alliance, Bay Ridge Festival of the Arts, Rockaway Artist Alliance, St. Francis College, Berkeley College, Queens Courier Mittman Gallery and Brooklyn Borough Hall.

Awards include:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Rockaway Artist Alliance  2012     Best Acrylic Painting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Queens Courier Mittman Gallery    2nd Place  Queens Museum