Joseph Bolton

Joseph Bolton’s art always contains a little of the unexpected. A man of quiet measure , Mr. Bolton’s brush strokes paint humor, inspiration and a fantastical perspective that makes one wonder if he possess a time machine.

His paintings transport the viewer through time and space into places in one’s heart or memory.

A native New Yorker and recent Bedford Stuyvesant  resident , Mr. Bolton holds a B.A. in fine arts from L.I.U., Brooklyn Campus where courses in medical illustration and anatomy and physiology have served his craft well. At N.Y.C. Community College his concentration was advertising and design.

With a particular cult following , he made his impact on the mainstream art world  in 2002 when he joined and exhibited at the Fulton Art Fair and sold several pieces that summer weekend.  In the summer of 2010 he exhibited at the Fulton Art Fair and received the coveted First Place award and prize.

He work has showcased at the Magnolia Tree Gallery, Simmons Gallery, Leroy Frames Gallery, Dorsey Gallery, Kings County Hospital Patient Recognition Day.

His works include large outdoor murals, motorcycle art, automotive murals and a wide collection of subject matter taken from personal experiences and from his fertile imagination. As a top notch airbrush artist and technical master in automotive murals, his airbrush work is sought by custom car and motorbike enthusiast city-wide.

People enjoy the comedy and nostalgia as well as the black history captured in many of his works.