BSAG Featured in Bay Currents

The Brooklyn Streetcar Artists’ Group received a nice write up in Bay Currents, a local news outlet dedicated to ocean-front Brooklyn. The article covers our first exhibit at the Coney Island Hospital. See below for an excerpt and a link to read the full article online.

There is an art gallery just as fascinating and captivating as the galleries that are seen in the neighborhoods of the city and in downtown Brooklyn. Most of us are comfortable living in the neighborhood of the Bay Area and the neighborhoods that border it and are proud to call it our home. However, while the Bay Area and areas around it are rich in many things, they are not known to be rich in art. However, that is changing. With many thanks to the Brooklyn Streetcar Artists’ group (BSAG).

The Brooklyn Streetcar Artists’ group is currently holding it’s first ever exhibit and it’s in Coney Island Hospital. Coney Island, an area notorious for fun and exciting festivities and landmark places to visit, will now be more complete with a diverse collection of art. Decorating the recreational second floor of the hospital are 49 pieces of diverse art from 22 unique artists, mostly from Brooklyn.

Read the full article at

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